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Lit Canvas

Lit Canvas

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✨ Sure to Revitalize Every Room

✔️ Adaptable Lighting with Personalized Settings

🖼️ Artisan-crafted with Top-tier Quality

🎁 An Ideal Present for Any Occasion

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Is the item prepped and ready to go?

Absolutely! Just connect the Lit canvas using the provided USB.

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Return & Refund Policy

We're enamored with our Wall Art, and we believe you'll feel the same! Should things not align with your expectations, our return and refund policy ensures a hassle-free experience for you.

What are the sizing?


Package Size:

250 x 190 x 50 mm390 x 310 x 90 mm500 x 190 x 50 mm390 x 310 x 270 mm


1. It is an innovative work of art, it is a perfect combination of art and technology, through the change of LED lighting, showing different picture effects, letting you feel the charm of art anytime and anywhere.
2. It uses high-quality LED lights and acrylic materials, with high brightness, high contrast, high color reduction, and other advantages, and can show a meticulous, distinct, lifelike picture effect. At the same time, LED lighting painting also has a variety of lighting modes and colors to choose from. You can choose different lighting effects according to different scenes and moods to create your own unique atmosphere.
3. Not only that, but LED lighting painting is also a unique gift for relatives, lovers, partners, or customers to feel your love and sincerity. Whether as a birthday gift.

Product Information:

Material: Density board wood+plastic

Switch: button
Power supply: USB interface
Color: Tricolor dimming
Color temperature: 3000-6000K

Light color: positive white light (6000K), neutral light (4500K), warm light (3000K)

The perfect gift

Gifting our lit canvas means presenting not just art, but also light—a beacon of thoughtfulness and creativity that brightens rooms and moods alike.

Mood Enhancer

Beyond its visual appeal, the illuminating feature serves as a mood enhancer, creating a soothing ambiance perfect for relaxation or setting a specific tone in a room.

Conversation Starter

Its distinctiveness makes it a focal point in any room, sparking curiosity and admiration from guests and family members alike.